Monthly Archives: March 2016

2016 Bursys Internship Program

Bursys is proud to complete the newly introduced summer internship program for year 2016. We were able to sponsor few high school interns from the local community school “The Village School” that serves the Houston energy corridor. It was a great experience for Bursys as well as the students to be able to see the practical side of software engineering.
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Bursys at d5 OTC

Bursys sent all Houston-based sales and marketing employees to d5 OTC this year as a result of increased levels of development in technology projects for the offshore industries. As our portfolio continues to grow and expand the need for sales and marketing teams to effectively communicate our skill sets has become apparent, OTC involvement has assisted with networking events, panel discussions as well as general conference activities.

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Stay Fit And Save Millions Every Year with Bursys Employee Wellness Programs

In the corporate world everyone is very busy with hectic schedule and luxury in a manner that made him forget about his physical fitness. Without a sound body, no one can provide quality work to their organization and enjoy his life. Most of the time one will suffer from health issues that will affect his work and daily life.

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