Monthly Archives: February 2019

What is Cloud Transformation?

AI Circuit Board

Cloud transformation is when you take your old fashion and in-house IT department over to a complete cloud infrastructure. It is usually a fast switch to make sure that limited interruptions to your business take place. In this transition, everything moves including applications, data, servers, and networks.

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Major Companies Partner to Improve Safety Using Internet of Things Technology

IoT Technology

Recently IBM Watson announced a collaboration with Garmin Health, Guardhat, Mitsufuji, and SmartCone to improve worker safety in hazardous environments using Internet of Things (IoT) technology alongside IBM’s existing the Maximo Enterprise Asset Management Platform. These ideas could change IoT forever.

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Best Performer of the Quarter – Mohit Chabra

Heartiest congratulations to Mr. Mohit Chabra for achieving the award of the outstanding performer in USPS domestic project.

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How does Intelligent Analytics Help a Business?

Business Analytics Solutions

What is Intelligent Analytics?

In a “normal” analytics program, time is a needed commodity. When tasked with looking for connections and improving the business operations, the user often has to sift through all the past and present data themselves. However, when you add the machine learning capabilities into the mix, the user no longer has to look for the connections and can act on them faster. The program will run the data and find links in the background while the user works on other tasks.

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Five Ways Custom Software can Save Your Business money!

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When your business is thinking about purchasing software, you’re presented with many options. You’ll need to look at picking a vendor, platform, function, and more. Depending on the complexity of the problem you are trying to solve or business process you are trying to simplify, this could be a big undertaking. You might have already been approached with the idea of a custom software solution. It’s a pricer option up front; however, it will be made for your companies needs.

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