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Why You Should be Using an Enterprise Management System

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In the age of technology, the digital world touches every part of an enterprise or business. You can’t look at customer service operations, social media, or security the same way you did years or even decades before. Over time, new technology has created new jobs, systems, and abilities that we would have never known could exist in years past. Enterprise management systems, an invention of this growth, is here to keep everything together in this new world.

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Ten Ways to Save Through Digital Changes

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A businesses finances can often have more wasted leaks than a leaky faucet. It’s impossible to optimize business and its processes correctly. In the age of digitalization, this problem is only growing. However, we’ve taken a look at just a few ways you can save money for your business using technology.

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Bursys to Attend the SPE OKC Oil & Gas Symposium

Jack Pumps

This year, Bursys will be attending the SPE OKC Oil & Gas Symposium on 04/09 and 04/10. We will be at Booth 107 and hope to see you there! For more information about this event and the other attendees, please visit their website!

The Biggest 2019 Summer IT Conferences


If you thought about change this year, summer is the perfect time to get to it. Today, we have rounded up the top IT conferences in the world. If you’re into networking, learning, or selling you’ll want to be at these.

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Key Players and Customers in the Internet of Things Industry

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When the Internet of Things (IoT) started to gain press in 2015, people claimed that IoT would be able to transform a business altogether. As the years have gone by and a deeper understanding of the technology has come into play, companies now understand what IoT can be used for. The Internet of Things is now looked at, not as a game-changer, but as a valuable way to solve business problems.

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How to Find a Custom Software Builder

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When you first require custom software, you might have no idea where to begin to find a software builder. Of course, you could try Google searching custom software, but that might result in too many options that don’t fit what you need. There are three significant ways that most people find custom software builders. We’re also going to include one more bonus way to find a skilled developer.

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