Digital Industry Operations

Deploy smart monitoring for your assets in the field by integrating the back office to everything from wells, and warehouses to sorting machines, and mail fulfillment centers. We make industry operations digital.

How you benefit :

Automate quote to cash, monitor and diagnose field equipment, gain line of sight into the field and implement online/offline mobile access.

Overview :

Bring intelligence to industrial equipment through connected field service, IoT data collection, monitoring and prescriptive analytics.

How it works :

We believe in delivering a full digital transformation process for our clients. This consists of 3 critical steps​

1. Strategy 2. Develop & Deploy 3. Support​

Each of these steps is vital to optimizing your operations. ​

At Bursys we like to start with a clear view of where our clients are and where they are going. We do this with the Digitization Road Map. ​

The Digitization Road Map involves a one-day, fully immersive digital consulting session led by Bursys’ most senior leadership, including our CEO, Prat Gupta who has over 20 years in Enterprise Technical Consulting for fortune 500 companies in a variety of industries. ​

Next is development. What sets us apart at Bursys is the way we can leverage our global resources to execute our strategies in ways that lower developments costs and maximize productivity. ​

Finally, our robust support infrastructure ensures that your team will be able to utilize the tools we develop together for years to come. ​

Wherever you are in the process, our approach is sure to take your operations to the next level. ​

To schedule a call with us to discuss our process in further detail, please fill out the form below. ​

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