Result Driven IoT Solutions


With over 15 years of industry and domain expertise across a wide range of use cases. We’re using efficient IoT solutions to connect enterprises and industrial environments around the world.


Data Monetization Apps

Data Monetization

Create opportunities for driving new revenue streams, and realize operational efficiency by applying cognitive computing to IoT data.

IIOT Enablement Solutions

Business Process Automation

Update traditional PLC & DCS driven control systems with Industrial IoT (IIoT) and receive real time data and intelligent analytics to drive automated manufacturing.

Asset Management

Asset Management Optimization

Act on insights from IoT connected sensors & devices and use real-time alerts to focus maintenance efforts and derive greater value from your assets.

Smart Monitoring Solutions through Mobile

Smart Monitoring

Utilize connected sensors and devices  to increase responsiveness and efficiency with IoT smart monitoring.


Build securely connected IoT platforms to manage assets, systems and applications in a way that can scale with your operations.

Ingest and process large quantities of IoT generated data to build & leverage advanced analytics for anomaly and pattern detection to drive predictive and prescriptive actions.

Result Driven IoT Solutions

Design and implement  massively parallel processing & analytics for IoT data streams that deliver actions and alerts for your ops in real-time.

Build intelligent IoT systems that act on analytics outcomes, for efficient operations & interactions.

Why Bursys?

Industry Software Solutions

15 year experience
Across app development, cloud enablement, data and analytics.

Energy Cloud Solutions

Domain experts in Energy, Mail & Packaging, Technology, Logistics and more.

Project Delivery

Proven track record delivering successful projects to fortune 500 companies on time and within budget.

Cost Effective Cloud Solutions

Save money and scale technology through cost effective global delivery model.

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