Application Modernization To SaaS

Application Modernization To SaaS

Client: Mail and Package Sorting Automation Company

Application Modernization To SaaS


  • Leverage the on-premise application that checks address move, migrate to Cloud, and convert into SaaS
  • Realize $3 million in savings over the next two years
  • Move small customers with 1-2 letter sorting machines to the SaaS model


  • Bursys cloud consulting and migration planning
  • Bursys application modernization for on-premise software
  • Managed services for AWS cloud
  • Highly responsive and auto-scalable solution


  • SaaS enabled software in cloud performing with a 130ms response time
  • Mission critical, 99.9% available, auto-scalable solution on AWS
  • The solution that allowed our customer to move 40+ customers and 60+ sorting machines to SaaS model in cloud
  • Reduced cost of supporting customers in the cloud as compared to an on-premise solution

A Leading Letter and Package Sorting OEM Company

Our customer is a leading engineering and manufacturing company that provides different variations of sophisticated sorting equipment to sort letters and packages. They also provide the software that is used by letter and package sorting machines to produce all necessary postal compliance documentation. Global digitization means reducing letter mail volumes and increasing eCommerce package volumes.

It is becoming increasingly difficult to sell multi-million machines with heavy on-premise software. Maintenance of on-premise software is expensive, especially for smaller customers with few sorting machines who are not comfortable in putting in upfront capital investment with continued maintenance for on-premise software.

A Terrifying Idea: Moving a Real-Time Software on Machine to Cloud

Our customer’s internal software teams have never built any software in the cloud and did not have any cloud skillsets within their own team. Just the mere thought of moving a software that needs to perform an inline machine processes with a response time of 130ms scared most of the architects and managers.

Re-Platforming and Moving to Cloud

Bursys architects put together a design that will take the legacy lookup engine along with USPS based address directories onto AWS cloud and put a highly sophisticated front-end application that will act as a gateway to all web service calls and other user interface needs.

The front-end application utilized the Amazon AWS Elastic Container Service (ECS) and docker container architecture, which automatically initiates EC2 instances based on workload. The MEAN (MongoDB; Express; Angular; Node) stack is used to support the front-end user interface and web service calls. The existing application engine is deployed in the backend and accessed via TCP/IP based protocols.

Delivered A Solution That is 99.9% Available

Our solution is elastic and scales up during peak periods based on concurrent requests. This solution auto-scales and functions almost flawlessly. New EC2 instances fire up automatically during the daytime when most sorting machines are running and accessing the system from around the country. Our solution successfully met the 130ms response time.

“Our team was able to provide the necessary confidence and trust to our customer and help them to modernize their application and start the digital transformation process.” Prat Gupta, CEO, Bursys Group

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