Bursys Company Overview

Customer Focused

We pride ourselves in exceptional customer service. We take ownership through and through and beyond. Once a business is a Bursys customer, they rarely leave us and we believe in long-term relationships. You can rely on us!

Quality First

We believe in quality over quantity. Quality is part of our culture and in-built into our delivery process whether it is consulting, products or custom software development. Quality testing and assurance is on the top of our minds.

Outcome Driven

We provide innovative technology solutions using our services and products to help your business achieve the desired outcomes. We never lose sight of your expected outcomes and focus on results.

We believe every business is unique and one solution does not fit all. We treat every customer’s needs on a case-by-case basis.

Our Journey

Years of Excellence
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Countries Served (NA / EU)
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Multiple SaaS Products

Founded in 2005, Bursys founder Prat Gupta, Ph.D. started Bursys primarily to build upon his technology consulting and software architecture experience at big four and smaller consulting companies. Prat is a serial entrepreneur and believes that software architecture should be built upon KISS principles and focus should be on solving business problems instead of just having the latest and greatest technology out there. We have grown mostly organically through the trust of our customers, employees and community. Bursys acquired ERP Experts LLC, a boutique SAP consulting firm in 2014.

We founded FieldEquip, Inc., a Bursys Group company and officially launched FieldEquip SaaS platform in 2019. FieldEquip offers various product lines that serve multiple industries to provide field operations automation through the use of web and mobile technologies. Please visit https://www.fieldequip.com to learn more.  

Our employees based in our offices across the globe (North America, Europe, India) are our greatest asset. We place customer’s trust at the forefront and believe in long-term customer relationships. We believe in being transparent with our customers and deliver quality software solutions to meet our customers time-to-market goals. We can deliver top quality software with agility at a reduced cost by leveraging hybrid teams of onshore and offshore resources.