Healthcare technology solutions

Mobile Healthcare or Telehealth

Mobile healthcare is a demanding need in today's world. In the same direction, cloud and data analytics solutions are breaking down the traditional boundaries of the healthcare industry. Bursys fulfill the needs by creating high quality mobile applications that can access patient’s records directly from the data center and reduce the action time for any medical emergency.

Medicine, Artificial Parts Inventory Management

Managing your inventory through technology and streamline the supply chain process helps in reducing uncertainties and issues. Through our end-to-end supply chain solutions, you can keep the inventory up-to-date and track the delivery of medicines, equipment to different locations in a hassle-free manner.

Equipment/Machine Monitoring using IoT

Measuring machine’s performance is considered as top most priority in healthcare and medical industry. Our IoT monitoring solutions help in tracking of the performance of equipment in real time and notify the back office team to take corrective actions. Bursys offers predictive maintenance solutions which helps in reducing equipment downtime.

Our Services

custom healthcare software development


Accelerate your industry operations through interactive visualizations built from structured and unstructured data streams. Bursys with its expertise in healthcare intelligent analytics solutions can help you get decision making insights as a competitive advantage.

Internet of
Things (IoT)

Bursys develops IoT solutions to measure the performance of medical equipment/machines that ultimately increase the operational productivity. Our healthcare based IoT services and solutions collect real time data and help in monitoring the supply chain, inventory, quality management etc.

iot healthcare services
healthcare Cloud Service


Bursys’s cloud services help hospitals, testing labs, medical companies etc. to manage the patient data through the cloud and access it any time remotely. We help migrate your legacy applications and traditional approach to cloud-based systems and applications for faster actions.

Application and Services

In this era of digital transformation, companies who are in business of product design and manufacturing are using IoT technologies to gain a competitive edge in their industry. Building software and devices can help to gain valuable insight into the real-time data remotely and predict failures of equipment can result in huge savings for customers and capital equipment manufacturers alike. Bursys can develop industrial IoT solutions that can increase your productivity, optimize your asset value, and streamline your supply chains.

Application Service in healthcare