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Why Choose Bursys for Internet of Things (IoT) Services?

Help Drive Better Decision-Making

As technology is rapidly advancing, businesses should focus on having an environment that is flexible and agile. Bursys being one of the pioneers in dealing with almost all industries, has extensive experience in providing Industrial IoT Solutions, allowing businesses to assess machine performance, process real-time data, and make better business decisions.

Increase Visibility of Operational Processes

Many well-established industries have been using IoT services by Bursys to improve asset conditions and reduce equipment downtime by acquiring real-time data. In addition, the team of experts at Bursys is competent to offer world-class predictive maintenance to maximize machine output and increase process visibility to boost operational productivity.

Help Detect & Respond to Network Issues

IoT solutions necessitate privacy, security, reliability, and resilience. Keeping that in mind, we at Bursys lead this fundamental mission responsibly and detect and respond to happenings on the network in no time. We also understand that tailored network security solutions require a reliable detection and response capability.

Experience and Expertise

  • Added more than $10 million in business value annually to an Oilfield service company. Provided smart real-time monitoring of mobile field assets
  • Saved more than $1 million in lost productivity at an eCommerce package fulfillment center by providing real-time insight into the packaging machines
  • Selected by a largest eCommerce company in Netherlands to automate Operations monitoring, equipment monitoring, spare parts inventory management and servicing of the equipment using FieldEquip
  • Our teams have developed proprietary FieldEquip IoT edge devices that can ingest legacy data trapped in databases/logs and convert into MQTT messages
  • Completed integration of FieldEquip IoT edge gateway with Emerson ROC800L and Allen Bradley control systems

Plan Your Internet
of Things Journey with Bursys

Monitoring Equipment Utilization

Bursys helps you achieve a competitive advantage in your industry by incorporating smart technology in your enterprise. Using IoT technology, we provide access to real-time data that can be used to evaluate the performance of each industrial machine, allowing you to make better decisions, as well as increase your productivity. Furthermore, we design industrial machine monitoring solutions that give you immediate access to equipment utilization metrics, such as TEEP, OEE, OTIF, and many more. Bursys “FieldEquip” cloud product contains intelligent equipment monitoring (iEM) software that is comprehensive, as well as easy to utilize and integrate. Our IIoT Edge Gateway device provides integration to a variety of data sources in the field for gathering and analyzing real-time data.

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Predictive Maintenance

Asset condition monitoring is a crucial part of your enterprise, allowing you to assess the performance of your industrial equipment, as well as maximize their output. Bursys builds predictive maintenance that can help you increase your productivity and efficiency, as well as reduce the need for preventative maintenance by identifying and resolving potential equipment issues before they affect production. Our IoT integration services can result in easier access to large data sets, increased collaboration in your business, a longer equipment lifespan, and greater optimization of your supply chain.

Connected Supply
Chain Management

In your journey towards digital transformation, the ability to gather visible data during crucial stages of the supply chain can help you enhance your customers’ experience, as well as create a streamlined, efficient, and responsive supply chain. Bursys can assist you in reducing uncertainties and issues associated with the supply chain, in addition to providing greater transparency in the various supply chain processes. We can create end to end IoT solutions that help you increase your operational efficiency by improving quality management, monitoring inventory, and tracking the delivery of products to different distribution centers and customers.

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Industrial Asset Management Solutions

Industrial Asset Management

Skillfully implement industrial IoT solutions to improve your asset management, as well as increase your return on assets (ROA). Bursys can help you maximize the value of your assets, be it people, devices, or systems, by implementing remote tracking, asset condition monitoring, asset workflow automation, and business intelligence. Our cloud product “FieldEquip” consists of asset management solutions that can increase your understanding of your assets by supplying real-time data that allows you to make better decisions. We will help you manage your assets in a way that increases your mobility, reduces asset downtime, and allows your data to be easily shared, processed, and analyzed.

Intelligent Analytics

Due to the unstructured nature of IoT data, businesses face great difficulty in analyzing this type of data with traditional analytical tools that are meant for structured data. Hence, Bursys can help you use intelligent analytics to gain insights that will allow you to increase your productivity, reveal new revenue avenues, and improve your customers’ experience. Our experts have years of experience in developing solutions that allow you to rapidly respond to local events and issues, while still storing, managing, and analyzing data on a cloud platform.

Intelligent Analytics Services

Our Technology Stack

Bursys helps in building and growing your business by providing solutions for various business challenges through our more than a decade old technological expertise. Our custom software development team works on all the cutting-edge technologies. Hire a technology consultant and custom software development expert for your next project with excellent technology ideas.

Get in touch to learn how we can help you stay ahead of the technology paradigm shift.

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