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As a technology worker, you know more than anyone else how important it is to stay ahead of the game. Keeping up with the latest trends is no longer about looking at the news at night. You need to be connected to the best online resources for your industry.

That’s why we’ve gathered the top five blogs and news sites that you should be following as a technology worker whether an intern or a CEO.

Here are five of the best technology blogs and new websites out there today:

1. Toptal Engineering Blog

Toptal is a blog run by engineers, for engineers. The articles are always written by software engineers at the top of their fields and companies. Those posts cover whatever their specific expertise is to ensure that they can talk in-depth about the details.

At present, they have over 100,000 subscribers and near-daily posts. The Toptal Engineering Blog is only getting bigger and as of right now, there isn’t a better technical engineering blog available.

2. Both Sides of the Table

Both Sides of the Table is a blog by Mark Suster. He’s a writer that talked about his experience being both an entrepreneur and a venture capitalist. He looks at how to build a startup and talks about marketing and business running. If you’re looking to build a business in tech or just do better at your job, this is a great site to look at.

3. The Information

The Information is a website by Jessica Lessin, a reporter who used to talk about Silicon Valley for the Wall Street Journal. Now, Lessin is using her expertise to talk about the biggest names and look at bigger stories. She offers subscription options and weekly summaries that can help you stay in the know in tech in the Bay Area.

4. ReadWrite

ReadWriteWeb has been around since 2003, though they reformatted 2012. Having 16 years of experience means their established team knows how to handle reporting and sourcing as well as obtaining guest posts. They give attention to smaller and less popular companies which can give great insight into real applicable implementations of technology.

5. TechCrunch

If you’ve ever looked into the online world of tech, chances are you’ve found this site. They’re one of the most well-known technology blog sites and for good reason. For those that don’t know or chose not to check it out, TechCrunch is unparalleled. It is accurate and features rapid reporting. They take a look at startups all over the globe without bais. Their informed writers create a must-read site for those looking to learn about and keep up with the technology world.

Look at All Sides

Just as with watching the regular news, it’s important to keep your eyes open to all sides of the industry. If you’re looking at the only thing that you are comfortable with and like, then how will you grow as a worker in technology? It’s important to look into things that you might not like or understand.

Checking in on all sides of the technology industry will help you to advance and grow in your field though staying ahead and learning new things. As such, you should check more than the five sites we listed. If you see something that you want to learn more about, make sure to check as many different sites as you can.

If there is a website that you love to read to stay in touch with technology, let us know in the comments. We would love a long list of options to stay in touch with the technology world around us!