Bursys, a multinational innovative technology company serving its customers for software development and engineering design services in different verticals, today announced the achievement of being recognized as a Microsoft Partner with Silver Application Development competency.

Bursys Microsoft Partnership

Prat Gupta, Ph.D., CEO of Bursys said “Being recognized as a Microsoft Silver Partner further recognizes the talent and our continued commitment to our customers for our offerings in the Microsoft space. Congratulations to our Microsoft Practice for this achievement!”. Sumeet Aggarwal, Director of Technology said “We are blessed to be credited with such an honor. Being a Silver partner gives us early access to innovative technologies from Microsoft and we will continue to build our expertise in the new technology areas including IoT, analytics and mobile development using Microsoft tools such as Xamarin”.

About Bursys

Bursys is headquartered in Houston, TX with branch offices in Europe and Asia. Bursys provides software development, engineering services, and application support to our customers and fully capable of supporting our global customers throughout North America, the UK, Europe. Bursys is also partnered with Dassault Systemes for 5D design experience in engineering. Our teams are providing cutting edge modern technology solutions including IoT, Augmented Reality, Multiplatform Mobile Apps for solving complex business processes and problems for our customers.

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