Intelligent Analytics Services
Intelligent Analytics Services

What is Intelligent Analytics?

In a “normal” analytics program, time is a needed commodity. When tasked with looking for connections and improving the business operations, the user often has to sift through all the past and present data themselves. However, when you add the machine learning capabilities into the mix, the user no longer has to look for the connections and can act on them faster. The program will run the data and find links in the background while the user works on other tasks.

Intelligent analytics describes an analytical program that assists you in solving daily business problems via machine learning. Intelligence is the data that you need to make better decisions for your company. These decisions could be when to order more supplies or when to switch pumps at an oil field, for example. Once you obtain the intelligence, which could be months worth of reports and hundreds of pages long, you must analyze it to determine how it connects. This final report will tell you in what ways you can better the company.

When you use a program, all of this is done for you. Applications that use Intelligent Analytics must use a combination of data, statistical algorithms, and machine learning techniques to predict, prevent, or relay significant risks, opportunities, and general information. This type of predictive software requires AI. The AI used in most intelligent programs can learn, infer, discovery, and visualization on both a large and small scale. There are many ways that this can help a company primarily related to money and time.

How does Intelligent Analytics Help a Busines?

Without these smart programs, this discovery and implementations process takes time. Depending on the task, it could take you months or weeks to do what the intelligent analytics program could do in days or hours. This degree of saved time allows for the employees once assigned this work to be moved to other tasks. This time saved would let you get more done in one day, perhaps eliminating other problems and saving even more money. Once the program has run its course, you will be able to implement it’s solutions quickly, or it may even have the ability to perform those solutions itself. However, machine learning in these programs also allows organizations to uncover opportunities that increase performance, reduce costs, and expand offerings.

Through the decision-making insights that these programs can offer, expect solutions to problems you didn’t know you had. While an average employee would have to sift through days worth of data to find just one issue, a computer can sift through month’s worth of data, find similarities, research options, and present solutions in just hours. These solutions will help you to maximize savings, improve business performance, and more efficiently consume goods.

Intelligent analytics programs can be used in many industries. With fifteen years of experience in creating applications and domain authority in energy, mail & packaging, technology, logistics and more we have used these programs to support a wide range of businesses and the decisions they need to make each day. If you’d like to learn more about Intelligent analytics solutions to your problems, contact us today