Ways to Ensure Cyber Security Using Cloud Security
Ways to Ensure Cyber Security Using Cloud Security

Cloud Security and Cyber Security might look diametric to businesses. However, cloud security ensures that outsourcing a cloud service provider and trusting them to keep crucial data and transactions is safe. At the same time, cyber security requires trusting an on-location workforce to keep data secure and confidential. Companies need both to keep their businesses safe. 

Cloud security is the subset of cyber security and committedly secure cloud computing systems. However, if you’re still skeptical about the idea of both and can’t draw the line of where the job of a cloud service provider ends in your organization and that of cyber security begins, here’s something you should know to figure it out:

1. Cyber Security is as Important as Cloud Security

Customers’ data stored in the cloud is crucial. So, while cloud service providers should ensure cybersecurity, businesses must not compromise customers’ data. However, leveraging cloud computing services doesn’t mean companies should let their guard down. According to a Statista report, the two most common causes of data breaching are: unsecured systems and misconfigured access restrictions. So, businesses need to keep cybersecurity on the top by hiring top service providers, such as Bursys, that offer hands-on training to their on-site staff and keep them aware of current or potential threats.

Cyber Security is as Important as Cloud Security

2. Cloud Service Providers are Invested Thoroughly

The degree of security offered by cloud vendors helps businesses improve security and achieve positive outcomes. Most cloud service providers, such as AWS (Amazon Web Services)Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud Platform, invest enormous resources in the security of their products. Yes, security remains their highest priority, and Bursys takes pride in ensuring the same for them by being a certified AWS/Microsoft Partner. We offer impeccable cloud computing services and consider all vulnerabilities underlying risks involved and help increase security on the cloud, thus allowing businesses to grow rapidly.

3. Cloud Computing is Apt for Security Solutions

Cloud computing works as a security net for small to mid-size enterprises. Businesses belonging to these categories are more vulnerable to cyber threats, such as ransomware because they lack more profound spending on resources required to optimize their cyber security. Moving to the cloud is a game-changer for companies, and cloud service providers at Bursys have been enabling them with robust security in the IT space, keeping their business more secure.

According to experts, cybersecurity and cloud computing go hand in hand. There’s no denying that Cloud computing is the future of the IT space, but cyber security will be a critical aspect, and there’s no doubt about that either.

What Do You Need to Do?

Businesses must invest in evolving technology to stay ahead in this competitive world. Companies seeking two-in-one solutions for their business must consider the following:

Consult the Best Cloud Security Advisor – Companies must seek assistance from the best cloud security provider for utmost business growth. Any misconfiguration can expose them to expensive security threats and other risks. So, having an expert by the side can surely help implement the best solution to protect a possibly risky environment.

Cloud Security Service

Incorporate Threat-Prevention Cloud Tools – Cloud security is complex compared to on-premises security because it includes multiple parameters, such as new data storage, different applications, or workloads in the cloud, and more. To avoid such complexity, evaluate and choose Cloud Security Solutions that include a wide range of capabilities.

Exercise Risk Management Regularly – Businesses must perform risk management practices regularly. Some of the best risk management practices are conducting stress tests to ensure impending performance, evaluating, and prioritizing threats based on their efficiency in causing disruption, etc. They must deploy a team of reliable cloud service providers to help them identify real threats and act accordingly.

Bursys is Cloud Committed!

Companies seeking the best cloud-focused security offerings must consult certified cloud professionals at Bursys for cutting-edge Cloud Business Solutions that include:

● Skilled Workforce to optimize your existing onshore/offshore working model
● Digital Operation that drives innovation, collaboration, and flexibility
● Managing cloud space and optimizing cost and resources
● Smart Work to lessen employees’ travel to client locations and deployment lengths
● Transform legacy applications and modernize cloud operation
● Assess and create a defined roadmap to accommodate present and future business needs

Cloud Security Service

Ensure that your business is secure in the cloud and ready for any cyber-attacks by hiring the best cloud service providers. Bursys has helped the world’s leading companies make cloud security and cyber security their key business enablers.