AWS Amazon Web Services

Our partnership with AWS and access to their vast resources allows us to build unique business solutions for our customers. We build these solutions using Amazon AWS technology and tools and deploy on AWS cloud platform. Bursys’ years of experience on the AWS technology puts us in a unique position to offer those advantages to our customers. Our certified technology consultants combine their business acumen, industry and AWS expertise to deliver a secure cloud solution for your business along with the most optimized use of scalable AWS capacity. With end-to-end consulting and support, Bursys will assist you in envisioning the future, planning the migration, implementing the cloud platform, and managing your cloud services to establish and run a Cloud Center of Excellence (CCoE).

Cloud-Native Development

In order to fully leverage the advantages of AWS cloud platform and have a truly scalable platform that can really scale up and down, it is important to think about the architecture and design of applications in a new way. Our consultant can help you navigate and understand the AWS native cloud architecture and technologies available that can be leveraged to build the applications of the future. Never pay for idle computational resources and be ready to scale dynamically for the peak loads.

Security and Compliance

With increased ransomware attacks, cybersecurity is in focus and every company should have security at the top of their agenda in order to reduce risk to the business. Amazon’s AWS cloud technologies provide secure underlying infrastructure, however, the customer is responsible for securing their deployments. Our AWS certified experts understand the security landscape from infrastructure to applications on cloud and assist our customers to make sure that your data in cloud is secure at all times. One misconfiguration can leave a gaping hole in your deployment.

AWS Managed Services

Once you start migrating your data and applications into the cloud, it is important to monitor them continuously with the tools provided by AWS and maybe third-party tools. In our managed service offering, our experts will continuously monitor your environment for appropriate use of resources, continuously optimize the cost, monitor the monthly billing and audit for security on a regular basis. Our application support resources can help monitor the databases, network, application servers for optimal performance around the clock.

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