Agile Methodology: The Current Business Strategy

Agile Business Approach

Embrace Agile methodology to bring transparency to your business processes and stay relevant in this constantly evolving technological world.

In today’s current situation, businesses around the world are compelled to take a swift move to survive. Many businesses are presently working on renewing their current business strategy by going digital. Read More

Cloud Computing – A Complete Guide to Achieve Business Objective

Digital transformation has become a pre-requisite for businesses, around the globe, to survive. Businesses are experiencing dire consequences of Digital Darwinism — evolve or die. To survive in today’s situation, businesses must innovate competitively. And, the cloud emerges as the fuel to digital transformation.

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Digital Transformation Journey: 5 Ways to Make it Right 

So culturally, digital transformation for any organization is the 800-pound gorilla that leadership knows is right but dreads taking on. —Peter F. Weis

The COVID-19 has forced many businesses to uncover new ways of working. The pandemic gives an opportunity for businesses to embrace the digital transformation path. With the latest technologies and collaboration tools, your teams might be collaborating well within or with clients for sustainable growth.

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Our Journey to AWS Cloud based Infrastructure for Work-From-Home (WFH) Employees

COVID-19 challenged us at Bursys with status quo work environment especially at our offshore development center in India. We work with highly protected intellectual property for our customers and ourselves internally.  We never allowed any work to be carried home by our employees including development and hotline support.  It was good that we started planning immediately when we heard some news of closures in US.  In anticipation of lockdowns in India, our teams kicked into high-gear and put on their thinking hats. Read More

3-Ways to Optimize AWS Spend using Scalable Application Architecture

AWS Cost Optimization
It is not uncommon for companies to migrate their application(s) to Amazon Cloud simply by purchasing server capacity and then start seeing rather unusual large monthly bills.  It is very common for some leaders to start questioning the value of AWS migration as the monthly spending goes high and cost of resources with special modern technology skill sets required to run on AWS also moves higher.
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Five Blogs Technology Workers Should Be Following

As a technology worker, you know more than anyone else how important it is to stay ahead of the game. Keeping up with the latest trends is no longer about looking at the news at night. You need to be connected to the best online resources for your industry.
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Where is the Internet of Things (IoT) Going?

Data Center
The time before the internet was around is getting further and further behind us. Advances in technology have lead to an advanced the Internet of Things time and time again. With more boosts to technology, how will we handle this everchanging market?
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How Can Enterprise Management Systems Help?

Artificial Intelligence Applications
The information technology sector has rapidly become the most important part of a company’s ability to do business in the 21st century. From services and operations to social media and information security, information technology is impossible to avoid in business. Over time, the invention of new technology has created new jobs and tasks that didn’t exist before. Now, information technology is the backbone of most businesses. Read More

What Lies Ahead for Cloud Computing

Person using Keyboard
Cloud Computing is a concept that has been around since the 1960s. It’s the idea of computing as a service that people could rent or pay for. Back in those days, companies would pay for time on a mainframe so that they didn’t have to buy one themselves.
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Why You Should be Using an Enterprise Management System

Artificial Intelligence Coding
In the age of technology, the digital world touches every part of an enterprise or business. You can’t look at customer service operations, social media, or security the same way you did years or even decades before. Over time, new technology has created new jobs, systems, and abilities that we would have never known could exist in years past. Enterprise management systems, an invention of this growth, is here to keep everything together in this new world.
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Ten Ways to Save Through Digital Changes

Person using device digital pen
A businesses finances can often have more wasted leaks than a leaky faucet. It’s impossible to optimize business and its processes correctly. In the age of digitalization, this problem is only growing. However, we’ve taken a look at just a few ways you can save money for your business using technology. Read More

Bursys to Attend the SPE OKC Oil & Gas Symposium

Jack Pumps

This year, Bursys will be attending the SPE OKC Oil & Gas Symposium on 04/09 and 04/10. We will be at Booth 107 and hope to see you there! For more information about this event and the other attendees, please visit their website!

The Biggest 2019 Summer IT Conferences

If you thought about change this year, summer is the perfect time to get to it. Today, we have rounded up the top IT conferences in the world. If you’re into networking, learning, or selling you’ll want to be at these. Read More

Key Players and Customers in the Internet of Things Industry

Aritificial Intelligence
When the Internet of Things (IoT) started to gain press in 2015, people claimed that IoT would be able to transform a business altogether. As the years have gone by and a deeper understanding of the technology has come into play, companies now understand what IoT can be used for. The Internet of Things is now looked at, not as a game changer, but as a valuable way to solve business problems. Read More

How to Find a Custom Software Builder

AI Solutions
When you first require custom software, you might have no idea where to begin to find a software builder. Of course, you could try Google searching custom software, but that might result in too many options that don’t fit what you need. There are three significant ways that most people find custom software builders. We’re also going to include one more bonus way to find a skilled developer. Read More

What is Cloud Transformation?

AI Circuit Board
Cloud transformation is when you take your old fashion and in-house IT department over to a complete cloud infrastructure. It is usually a fast switch to make sure that limited interruptions to your business take place. In this transition, everything moves including applications, data, servers, and networks. Read More

Major Companies Partner to Improve Safety Using Internet of Things Technology

IoT Technology
Recently IBM Watson announced a collaboration with Garmin Health, Guardhat, Mitsufuji, and SmartCone to improve worker safety in hazardous environments using Internet of Things (IoT) technology alongside IBM’s existing the Maximo Enterprise Asset Management Platform. These ideas could change IoT forever. Read More

Best Performer of the Quarter – Mohit Chabra

Heartiest congratulations to Mr Mohit Chabra for achieving the award of outstanding performer in USPS domestic project.

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What is Intelligent Analytics and How Does it Help a Business?

Business Analytics Solutions
What is Intelligent Analytics?

In a “normal” analytics program, time is a needed commodity. When tasked with looking for connections and improving the business operations, the user often has to sift through all the past and present data themselves. However, when you add the machine learning capabilities into the mix, the user no longer has to look for the connections and can act on them faster. The program will run the data and find links in the background while the user works on other tasks. Read More

Five Ways Custom Software can Save Your Business money!

Person Working on Laptop
When your business is thinking about purchasing software, you’re presented with many options. You’ll need to look at picking a vendor, platform, function, and more. Depending on the complexity of the problem you are trying to solve or business process you are trying to simplify, this could be a big undertaking. You might have already been approached with the idea of a custom software solution. It’s a pricer option up front; however, it will be made for your companies needs. Read More

Bursys at Graph Expo 2015 in Chicago from September 13–16, 2015

The year 2015 marks a landmark for Bursys as the year we really started to spread our wings. This year Bursys attended The Graph Expo 2015 in Chicago, IL.

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Bursys Celebrates Completion of the Software Development/Implementation Project in Germany

Bursys successfully completes a software development project in Germany. Company completed extensive software development to integrate sorting machines, manual work stations and various other site logistic operations such as receiving and shipping. It had been challenging project due to multi-language aspect of this project, different business environment in Europe, and heavy integration with enterprise accounting systems (SAP FICO) for downloading data and uploading data.

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Bursys is Proud to Announce its Sponsorship for MTS Houston Golf Tournament Awards 2017

The 2017 MTS Houston Scholarship Golf Tournament was held at the Black Horse Golf Club, in Cypress, TX on July 27, 2017. This was a morning event in order to help beat the heat in the Texas summer. Golf tournament was the main fund-raising events of the year. In addition to a great day of golf at the beautiful, yet challenging Black Horse Golf Club, there was food, great networking opportunities, games, awards and fun! The tournament started early to avoid the heat, and included lunch and awards.
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Bursys is Proud to Announce the Achievement of Silver Status for Microsoft Partnership

Bursys, a multinational innovative technology company serving its customers for software development and engineering design services in different verticals, today announced the achievement of being recognized as a Microsoft Partner with Silver Application Development competency.

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CIO Review: Most Promising Engineering Technology Solutions Providers

Partnership expands Dassault Systemes presence in Energy, Process and Utilities Industry

Houston, Texas— 3rd October 2016, 10.30amDassault Systemes (DS) (NASDAQ: DASTY; Euronext Paris: #13065, DSY.PA), “The 3DEXPERIENCE Company” that provides businesses with a suite of comprehensive and integrated Plant (Asset) Life Cycle Management solutions, today announced business partner agreement with Bursys, an international trusted technology partner in software development, cloud framework, engineering services for Energy, Process and Utilities (EPU) industry.

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Dassault Systemes Announces Bursys as new Business Partners in Energy Process and Utilities Industry

Partnership expands Dassault Systemes presence in Energy, Process and Utilities Industry

Houston, Texas— 3rd October 2016, 10.30amDassault Systemes (DS) (NASDAQ: DASTY; Euronext Paris: #13065, DSY.PA), “The 3DEXPERIENCE Company” that provides businesses with a suite of comprehensive and integrated Plant (Asset) Life Cycle Management solutions, today announced business partner agreement with Bursys, an international trusted technology partner in software development, cloud framework, engineering services for Energy, Process and Utilities (EPU) industry.

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Postmaster CEO, Ms. Megan Brennan Visit Bursys Booth At National Postal Forum 2016

Welcome to the Bursys (Your Trusted Technology Partner) booth at National Postal Forum in Nashville TN.
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4 benefits in handover process using data management tools & big data analytics for EPC’s, Owner Operators and its contractors


The costs, resources, and time required for handover are considerable for engineering, procurement and fabrication organizations, owner operators and for their respective contractors. The handover process is constantly done throughout the lifecycle of the project and it is met with numerous challenges in every phase.
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How to develop workflow automation Mobile Apps for Industrial & Field Environment

It used to be very difficult to find any rugged scanner / mobile device that could host a real mobile application and works as a scanner on an industrial floor. Most of the scanners came with Windows CE / windows mobile with complex toolkits to code for them.
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4 Roles in an integrated process plant layout workflow


Process plant layout is a critical aspect in the plant operations. Process plant accidents are caused due to technical errors, human errors (which includes improper training), lack of information, manufacturing defects and organizational errors. For the scope of this article, let’s just consider the technical error as a cause for accidents.
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Process Engineers role in Front End Engineering & Design (FEED) Projects

INTRODUCTION: An engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) organization is awarded with a contract to provide front end engineering and design (FEED) services for a project when your EPC aligns with the business objectives of the owner operator who is committed to contribute economic growth of the region.
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4 Benefits of Integrated Engineering & Design


Integrated engineering and design solutions is primarily focusing on oil & gas, power, chemical, process, marine and utilities industries. These projects are very complex and costs billions of dollars for successful execution to the owner operators. Design of complex onshore and offshore structures is constantly changing and there are numerous iterations across multiple disciplines to ensure design conformity.
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4 Business Benefits of Laser Scanning Brownfield Projects for EPC’s and Owner Operators


Laser scanning is a highly accessible tool that enables engineers and designers to think, design and evaluate the brownfield facility that addresses unique challenges after capturing data. Laser scanning devices essentially are non-contact devices. Laser scan data produces “point cloud” that consists of millions of points and it’s extremely accurate in providing information to the engineers and designers.
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4 Advantages of Hiring BIM Services for Fabricators in Construction Projects


Conventional process of fabricating structural steel always raised serious issues such as oversight, miscalculations and design inconsistencies. This severely hampered the project cost and project deadlines. Especially, when there is no inter-dependency between structural engineer’s design drawings and the steel detailers who produce erection drawings.
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Digitizing Brownfield Assets: 4 Ways to Improve Efficiency & Cost Savings


Digitization of brownfield assets is significantly important as it addresses the industry problems in the modification and expansion of existing plants/units/sub-units and areas (brownfield projects) within the plant.
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2016 Bursys Internship Program

Bursys is proud to complete the newly introduced summer internship program for year 2016. We were able to sponsor few high school interns from the local community school “The Village School” that serves the Houston energy corridor. It was a great experience for Bursys as well as the students to be able to see the practical side of software engineering.
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Bursys at d5 OTC

Bursys sent all Houston-based sales and marketing employees to d5 OTC this year as a result of increased levels of development in technology projects for the offshore industries. As our portfolio continues to grow and expand the need for sales and marketing teams to effectively communicate our skill sets has become apparent, OTC involvement has assisted with networking events, panel discussions as well as general conference activities.

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Stay Fit And Save Millions Every Year with Bursys Employee Wellness Programs

In corporate world everyone is very busy with hectic schedule and luxury in a manner that made him forget about his physical fitness. Without a sound body no one can provide quality work to their organization and enjoy his life. Most of the times one will suffer with health issues that will affect his work and daily life.

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Bursys Involvement Marathon on 2016 at Chandigarh

A marathon was conducted by the Enactus group of GGDSD College was ready to provide this change in your daily routine. The marathon was scheduled on 21st of February at Chandigarh Club. The whole purpose of this marathon was to promote a healthy way of life and also taken as an initiative to throw some light on their project named KUDRATIKISANHAAT.

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