Digital Enterprise Transformation Solutions

Digital Enterprise

With over 15 years of industry and domain expertise across a wide range of use cases. We’re using efficient technology solutions to connect workplaces and industrial manufacturing environments around the world.


Data Monetization Apps

Increase Productivity

Integrated systems and automated workflows across systems extend connection beyond the corporate walls, allowing individuals to view required data, perform their tasks efficiently, grow your organization

IIOT Enablement Solutions

Enable Flexibilty

Enable new age workforce with a collaborative workspace powered by instant messaging and voice and mobile solutions, allowing them to work from anywhere at any time.

IoT based Mobile Application and Software

Digital Customer Experience

Move at the speed of the customer, work together within your organiziation, and manage content across channels.

Intelligent Analytics

Intelligent Operations

Leverage AI & Machine learning for process innovation, and optimized digital operations.


Plan smart workplace solution implementations with while keeping growth performance and user experience at top of mind.

Connect your field equipment and assets to our IoT platform to actively monitor and diagnose before breakdown.

Digital Enterprise Transformation Solutions

Deploy smart monitoring for your assets in the field by integrating the back office to everything from wells, and warehouses to sorting machines, and mail fulfillment centers. We make industry operations digital.

Automate and manage end-to-end workflows across your entire organization. 

Why Bursys?

Industry Software Solutions

15 year experience
Across app development, cloud enablement, data and analytics

Energy Cloud Solutions

Domain experts in Energy, Mail & Packaging, Technology, Logistics and more.

Project Delivery

Proven track record delivering successful projects to fortune 500 companies on time and within budget.

Cost Effective Cloud Solutions

Save money and scale technology through cost effective global delivery model.

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