Major Companies Partner to Improve Safety Using Internet of Things Technology

Major Companies Partner to Improve Safety Using Internet of Things Technology

Recently IBM Watson announced a collaboration with Garmin Health, Guardhat, Mitsufuji, and SmartCone to improve worker safety in hazardous environments using Internet of Things (IoT) technology alongside IBM’s existing the Maximo Enterprise Asset Management Platform. These ideas could change IoT forever.

This week, we give thanks to IBM Watson for advancing the field of IoT. This company alongside Garmin Health, Guardhat, Mitsufuji, and SmartCone and have made a goal of improving the health and safety of workers in hazardous industries! The creative use and development of this AI enhanced technology will do wonders for all Internet of Things users and developers.

A Detailed Look

The new partnership of brands looks to use data from the workspace to monitor potential hazards. These hazards include heat, heights, and gas levels. Using Internet of Things technology, IBM is looking to improve the ability to tell whether workers are exposed to more risks than necessary.
Each of these companies understands that there are always risks involved when pushing the limits of technology. There is still the chance that these monitoring devices could collect data that could impact the privacy and dignity. Afterthought, IBM said that so long as they focused on health and safety most would agree that the benefits and lives saved outweigh the potential downsides.

Impacts on All of IoT

The creation of this idea and its acceptance among all the collaborating companies opens real doors for IoT developers to do more with AI. The internet of things is already doing so much good in the world, but these new technological advances will drive both Bursys and IBM to offer better tools that promote even more money and life-saving opportunities.

New applications and new custom software creations will allow for companies who once thought automation would only take away jobs to see that it can be used to help save the lives of workers rather than take their livelihood away. With this, Bursys’s products are often known for their ability to enhance a person’s work life rather than eliminate it. In summary, it’s all about focusing on improving output over minimizing costs.

As the months go by, we’re lucky to be seeing the real implications of AI in the business world. These new developments from IBM Watson, Garmin Health, Guardhat, Mitsufuji, and SmartCone serve as proof of concept that smart technology can help any industry. Further, that collaboration can result in more than a marketing campaign; they can create real life, life-saving technology for use in the most dangerous fields.

AI should help improve life and business. This is just one example of how AI-powered technology didn’t reduce or eliminate jobs. Instead, it was the cause of life-saving developments. Bursys is proud to be working in the Internet of Things field with IBM Watson.

We’re excited to see where they take this new technology. Alongside them, Bursys and the rest of the IoT field will continue to work to create new ideas for technology that could save lives, money, and businesses.

What is Intelligent Analytics and How Does it Help a Business?

What is Intelligent Analytics and How Does it Help a Business?

What is Intelligent Analytics?

In a “normal” analytics program, time is a needed commodity. When tasked with looking for connections and improving the business operations, the user often has to sift through all the past and present data themselves. However, when you add the machine learning capabilities into the mix, the user no longer has to look for the connections and can act on them faster. The program will run the data and find links in the background while the user works on other tasks.

Intelligent analytics describes an analytical program that assists you in solving daily business problems via machine learning. Intelligence is the data that you need to make better decisions for your company. These decisions could be when to order more supplies or when to switch pumps at an oil field, for example. Once you obtain the intelligence, which could be months worth of reports and hundreds of pages long, you must analyze it to determine how it connects. This final report will tell you in what ways you can better the company.

When you use a program, all of this is done for you. Applications that use Intelligent Analytics must use a combination of data, statistical algorithms, and machine learning techniques to predict, prevent, or relay significant risks, opportunities, and general information. This type of predictive software requires AI. The AI used in most intelligent programs can learn, infer, discovery, and visualization on both a large and small scale. There are many ways that this can help a company primarily related to money and time.

How does Intelligent Analytics Help a Busines?

Without these smart programs, this discovery and implementations process takes time. Depending on the task, it could take you months or weeks to do what the intelligent analytics program could do in days or hours. This degree of saved time allows for the employees once assigned this work to be moved to other tasks. This time saved would let you get more done in one day, perhaps eliminating other problems and saving even more money. Once the program has run its course, you will be able to implement it’s solutions quickly, or it may even have the ability to perform those solutions itself. However, machine learning in these programs also allows organizations to uncover opportunities that increase performance, reduce costs, and expand offerings.

Through the decision-making insights that these programs can offer, expect solutions to problems you didn’t know you had. While an average employee would have to sift through days worth of data to find just one issue, a computer can sift through month’s worth of data, find similarities, research options, and present solutions in just hours. These solutions will help you to maximize savings, improve business performance, and more efficiently consume goods.

Intelligent analytics programs can be used in many industries. With fifteen years of experience in creating applications and domain authority in energy, mail & packaging, technology, logistics and more we have used these programs to support a wide range of businesses and the decisions they need to make each day. If you’d like to learn more about Intelligent analytics solutions to your problems, contact us today!

Five Ways Custom Software can Save Your Business money!

Five Ways Custom Software can Save Your Business money!

When your business is thinking about purchasing software, you’re presented with many options. You’ll need to look at picking a vendor, platform, function, and more. Depending on the complexity of the problem you are trying to solve or business process you are trying to simplify, this could be a big undertaking. You might have already been approached with the idea of a custom software solution. It’s a pricer option up front; however, it will be made for your companies needs.

On the other hand was the COTS option. While the commercial off-the-shelf option might be cheaper, there are many downsides in the long run that could prove to be much more expensive and less effective. COTS options are often one-size-fits-all and hard to change or grow after time has passed. One-size-fits-all options can lead to massive costs to upgrade down the road.

With those two options presented the question is which is better. In many cases, this will be the custom software solution. From reducing human error to automating workflow productivity, there are five ways custom software can save your business money starting from day one!

Reduction of Human Error

It’s understood that no matter how perfect people strive to be, they inevitably make mistakes. When a person uses a program, they must input data. The more times they have to enter data yourself, the higher the chance of human error. When a human error takes place, this could cause issues with money, time, or even a client!  

The problem with human error and off-the-shelf options lies in the one-size-fits-all model. With a COTS option, you’ll have to do more of the work yourself. Since the program was not made for you or your company, there might be extra pointless steps or even additional and confusing features. This can mean a much higher chance for error.

When you use a custom made option, on the other hand, you can do less work. When we design a custom solution, we take in mind everything that you do which could be automated. This allows us to reduce the number of times a human has to involve themselves in the process which leads to fewer errors. This lack of mistakes means that you can save time, money, and even client relations.

Simplification of Management

If you are looking for a solution for enterprise management, then a custom solution will save you hours. With an off-the-shelf enterprise management system, you’ll often find that it wasn’t made with your company in mind. This fact makes sense as they needed a product that any size business in an industry or industries could use.

What happens here, in many cases, is you will lose time looking at templates that don’t’ fit quite right. Another example is a home panel that shows too much. A custom solution simplifies management tasks by putting what you need right where you need it. If you don’t need to see the hours of each employee but do need to see their station on a map, then a custom solution can make sure that’s all you see. Overall time is money, so hours of work reduced is more money for your business.

Easy Expansion

Though custom software allows for you to pick and choose what you need at the given time, that doesn’t mean it can’t grow. When compared to COTS options, custom software is much easier to expand, change, or reduce based on the needs of your company.

Many times additions to your company’s program can be made with a fraction of the price of buying a COTS expansion that still wouldn’t be what you needed. As before, any development to your program would be custom made with your needs and desires in mind.

Pulling Data

When you have a custom solution, you can pick data from anywhere you want to both internally and externally. This is ideal because it allows for a dynamic system which can increase your business intelligence. While some COTS may have the option to sync with external data, a custom solution can ensure that precisely what data you need is available when you need it.

Reallocation of Resources

When you create a custom program, you gain many positives. Altogether, those positives create the final benefit. A simple expansion of the program, the ability to pull data from wherever, the reduction of human error, and the simplification of management creates extra labor.

Simply put, when a custom solution comes together, you will have the ability to do more with your time. If your custom solution is used by many, then there is a high chance that dozens or thousands of hours that used to be taken will suddenly become available for other tasks.

Reducing lost or wasted time, as well as all the other pros of custom software, leads to an increase in capital for the company. In time, this will make the custom made solution thousands of times cheaper than the COTS option.

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