Cloud Services

Step-by-Step Guide to Cloud Migration

Cloud Migration

With the consequences of COVID-19, remote work culture is evolving, and businesses are opting for cloud migration strategy. Many businesses have moved to cloud computing to ensure business continuity in these difficult times. The cloud has seen outstanding growth as it emphasizes more on strategizing, planning, and implementation.
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Cloud Computing – A Complete Guide to Achieve Business Objective

Digital transformation has become a pre-requisite for businesses, around the globe, to survive. Businesses are experiencing dire consequences of Digital Darwinism — evolve or die. To survive in today’s situation, businesses must innovate competitively. And, the cloud emerges as the fuel to digital transformation.

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Digital Transformation Journey: 5 Ways to Make it Right 

So culturally, digital transformation for any organization is the 800-pound gorilla that leadership knows is right but dreads taking on. —Peter F. Weis

The COVID-19 has forced many businesses to uncover new ways of working. The pandemic gives an opportunity for businesses to embrace the digital transformation path. With the latest technologies and collaboration tools, your teams might be collaborating well within or with clients for sustainable growth.

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Our Journey to AWS Cloud based Infrastructure for Work-From-Home (WFH) Employees

COVID-19 challenged us at Bursys with status quo work environment especially at our offshore development center in India. We work with highly protected intellectual property for our customers and ourselves internally.  We never allowed any work to be carried home by our employees including development and hotline support.  It was good that we started planning immediately when we heard some news of closures in US.  In anticipation of lockdowns in India, our teams kicked into high-gear and put on their thinking hats.
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